Disable Voice & Data Roaming, Personal Hotspot

Last updated April 10, 2019

Restrict Roaming & Personal Hotspot

Organizations needing a way to control their cellular carrier costs can take advantage of SimpleMDM roaming and personal hotspot restrictions. Enforcing policies on the devices themselves and encouraging the users of the devices to stay within planned carrier budgets is simplified.

The roaming restriction setting within SimpleMDM provides the administrator with multiple options. Enable, restrict to voice roaming only, or disable the roaming setting. The administrator can also choose to not change the current device setting.

Likewise, disable personal hotspot functionality for a device as an administrator. For those not familiar, the iOS personal hotspot feature allows a user to turn their iOS device into a mobile hotspot. Other devices can connect to their iOS device and piggy back off of the cellular data connection. This is a valuable feature, however, it makes it much easier to incur data plan overages.

Apple does not allow an administrator to lock either of these settings. As a result, SimpleMDM enforces them on a best-effort basis. Whenever the device checks in, SimpleMDM will re-apply these settings on the device if SimpleMDM detects that they have been changed.

To get started, visit the restrictions tab of a device group from the SimpleMDM administrator interface. These settings appear in the network section.

Cellular Data Monitoring

If you are seeking additional control over cellular data usage, consider utilizing a service like Wandera in conjunction with SimpleMDM. Data monitoring, control, and compression are all possible when utilizing the Wandera service.

Disable Roaming Manually

It’s also possible to disable these settings from the device itself. This may make the most sense if you’re looking to disable roaming for your own personal device while traveling out of the country.

As of iOS 10, access the roaming setting by opening Settings, Cellular, and Cellular Data Options. The personal hotspot setting is just below Cellular Data Options and is titled Personal Hotspot.

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