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Features hero banner

SimpleMDM offers all the features you need to manage your entire Apple fleet with ease

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Rapidly enroll your entire fleet of Apple devices through automated enrollment. Set-up takes less than a minute per device, saving you hours.

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With zero-touch deployment you can distribute devices directly to employees and create a personalized set up experience straight out of the box.

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Assign built-in or custom configuration profiles and commands to devices. Set policies specific to your organization’s needs in just a few clicks.

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Automatically deploy OS updates with ease. Push apps and installer packages to devices without ever having to interrupt end users.

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With zero-day compatibility support, keep your data safe and never worry about Apple update vulnerabilities or security issues.

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Leverage the SimpleMDM API to reduce manual lift and streamline the daily management of devices in a systematic way.

Flexible enrollment

SimpleMDM supports automated device enrollment, enables BYOD setups, and offers a host of other enrollment options for new and existing Apple devices.

DEP settings in SimpleMDMDEP settings in SimpleMDM

Automated enrollment

Using Apple Business Manager, drop-ship new, ready-to-use machines to end users without having to touch the devices.

User enrollment

Seamlessly support BYOD setups while keeping company and personal information safe with data separation via APFS.

If Automated Device Enrollment and Configurator aren’t available, send links via email, text, or QR code to add devices.

Account driven

Built directly into the Settings app, this method allows users to enroll devices by signing in with their work or school account.

Apple Configurator

When Automated Device Enrollment is not available but supervision is necessary, use Configurator to enroll iOS and tvOS devices.

Mix and match

We know that no two fleets are the same. You can use any combination of these enrollment options depending on your setup.

Advanced configuration

Our software helps IT teams across industries reach deep configuration customization and workflow automation, leading to real-time fleet visibility.

Application screen that shows "Allow application installation"Application screen that shows "Allow application installation"

Configuration profiles

Assign native or custom configuration profiles to set up accounts, services, and other functionalities, like passcode and SSO.

Device information

View detailed information — like serial number and model — from a centralized location. No more chasing down devices.

Custom attributes

Build profiles, configure apps, or store metadata with values specific to the device in question.

Device actions

Take the action you need — quickly. From the SimpleMDM interface, you can wipe, lock, restart, enable Lost Mode, and much more.


Run remote scripts immediately, or schedule them to run later or recurringly without the need of a third-party agent.

Auto attributes

Save script outputs in a custom attribute on the device record for automatic & dynamic setting of variables without admin interaction.

Robust Munki integration

With our self-hosted Munki integration, you can enable your macOS users to self-install software not available in the App Store or native MDM channel, freeing up your valuable time.

Stylized app screen showing different applications that need to be installedStylized app screen showing different applications that need to be installed

Shared apps

Easily add and distribute software (without additional work on your part) with our shared app directory of up-to-date macOS software.

Custom apps

Upload in-house applications or custom builds. We’ll determine whether they can be distributed via MDM, Munki, or both.

Self-serve storefront

Create a self-serve storefront for macOS devices with preselected applications for users to install and uninstall for themselves.

NoPkg support

Run scripts automatically & continuously check for changes in the installed state to determine if they need to run again.

Version pinning

When distributing software, default to update with every new version or use version pinning to select a specific version.

Custom PkgInfo

Easily customize the PkgInfo files for your Munki apps. Upload your own PkgInfo file, or edit the existing file to fit your specific needs.

Powerful API

SimpleMDM offers a robust API for managing and securing Apple devices across your organization, reducing manual lift while offering all the basic device management functionality available natively.

Powerful APIPowerful API


Leverage webhooks to collect real-time data, and trigger event-based actions like device enrollment and group assignment changes.

App management

Automate your app distribution workflows via API to deploy, assign, and configure custom and App Store apps across all your devices.

Workflow automation

Build custom logic to automate device workflows with real-time attribute updates, control group assignments, and more.


Streamline workflows and bridge logic across platforms to better manage and define devices based on your organization’s needs.

Profile management

Manage profile assignments and upload, update, and distribute custom configuration profiles to enrolled devices.

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Manage and secure your entire Apple device fleet

Sleep better at night knowing SimpleMDM is built to maximize security and meet the most rigorous organizational data privacy standards. To learn more, visit our Product Security Guide.

  • Implement 2FA for admins and integrate with your existing identity provider using SAML or LDAP.

  • Enforce security policies for passwords and critical settings — hide apps, block features, and disable functionality when devices break defined policies.

  • Restrict company data from leaving business apps, and require secure passcode policies for devices.

  • Push the latest software updates automatically to prevent vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of compatibility or security issues.

Share your idea

Have a great idea or improvement you’d like to see made to SimpleMDM? Whether it’s an update to an existing feature or something entirely new, share it with us in our Suggestions Portal! 

Image of a male SMDM employeeImage of a male SMDM employee

The support you need in 30 minutes or less

Whether you need a demo, help with custom configurations, or assistance troubleshooting, our technical support team is just an email away. Our reply time averages 30 minutes or less during business hours.

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"Being able to go from zero to a working test deployment on macOS and iOS in about a day and a half was eye -opening. Took me way longer than that to figure out other solutions."

IT Director, MERGE

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“My provisioning time for new machines is...well, gone. I can ship a Macbook from Apple to a remote office and when the person starts, they turn the device on and they are good to go. That has had the greatest impact.

Partner, Technolutionary LLC

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"I’m impressed with the effort SimpleMDM put into their Munki integration. It’s great knowing more admins will benefit now that it’s integrated directly with a solid MDM."

Creator of Munki