Features Designed to Make Managing Any Sized Fleet a Breeze

MDM just got ridiculously simple.

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  • Speedy App Deployment + Easy Management

    Click. Deploy. That’s how fast you’ll be deploying apps and installer packages. It’s all automatic. App Store, enterprise, and custom B2B apps are all supported, too.

    Want to use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP)? No problem. Assign company-owned licenses with or without using an Apple ID. We even support your legacy Apple Redemption Codes.


    • Enterprise app distribution is now a breeze, with support for app upgrades and enterprise certificate + provisioning profile management so that user data isn’t lost between upgrades.
    • Validate the signing and construction of macOS distribution packages to alert you of potential issues.
  • Rapid Device Enrollment + Setup

    Setting up a SimpleMDM account takes less than a minute. Just provide your email address and you’re ready to enroll devices.

    Sounds unbelievable? Take out your stopwatch and start your free trial now!

    Inside SimpleMDM, your company devices are automatically enrolled during first power up, thanks to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). Plus, support “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) setup with enrollment via Apple Configurator, SMS, email, web link and QR code.

  • Nearly All
    Configurations Supported

    We have one job to do: make your job easier. Which is why we support the entire gamut of configuration profiles. Don’t see yours? Easily upload custom configs created in Apple Configurator and you’re set.

  • When we started, there was no two-factor authentication. We contacted their support team and they said ‘Oh, it’s coming’, which we hear all the time. Sometimes it takes six months. But we checked in a week later and there it was.

    Loki Neeley, IT Manager
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  • The Highest Security Available Today. And Tomorrow.

    All of our features are built with your company’s data security in mind, and we empower you with many options to secure your devices. Plus, we are obsessively on top of future releases and updates, securing your tomorrow, too.

    • Admin authentication with 2FA (two factor authentication) –  utilize your existing identity provider via SAML
    • Enable lost mode on supervised devices without requiring an Apple ID
    • Automatically escrow FileVault keys and firmware passwords for macOS devices
    • Hide apps, block features, and disable functionality when devices break your defined policies
    • Track current and historic device location
    • Restrict company data from leaving business apps
    • Require secure passcodes
    • Disable dangerous iOS features
    • Lock, wipe, and forcefully unlock rogue devices
    • Forcefully unlock devices

    We’re all ears if there’s a must-have security setting you need implemented. Ping our support team to start that conversation and we’ll do our best to respond in 30 minutes or less.

  • Track + Supervise

    Keeping track of devices is insanely simple. Just open the map for a real-time view of your company assets and historical locations. You’ll find accessing asset details like installed apps, battery and storage capacity information, serial numbers, and iOS version effortless.

    Supervision? Super easy. We enable you to:

    • Configure a global HTTP proxy and a web content filter
    • Hide and block any app including system apps
    • Install apps from SimpleMDM without prompting the user of the device for permission
    • Place a device in single-app mode
    • Arrange app icons on the home screen
    • Block Apple ID and Activation Lock
    • Disable app removal
    • Prohibit a user from unenrolling from MDM
    • Force an iOS update
    • And much more…
  • World Class, Fast Support

    Our Support team is second to none so you can rest easy knowing that we’re just a message away when you need us.

    Did we mentioned we respond freakishly fast? 30 minutes or less during business hours.

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