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As a key feature of mobile device management, SimpleMDM supports both native and custom configuration profiles, enabling MacAdmins to remotely configure accounts, enforce restrictions, set up preferences, and more.

Configuration profiles hero
Configuration profiles hero
ready to use profilesready to use profiles

Ready-to-use profiles

Select premade configuration profiles from the admin interface, and easily apply them to an individual device or device group. Whether you’re securing Wi-Fi connections or restricting the use of certain applications; whatever you need — there's a profile for it.

Custom configuration profiles

Customize device settings, policies, and restrictions with Custom Configuration Profiles. Easily upload and edit profiles directly in the interface using the built-in text editor, and take advantage of Custom Attribute support to add variables at the group or device level.

custom profilescustom profiles

Automate the configuration of accounts,
settings, and more on enrolled devices with
these popular profiles

With nearly 40 premade templates and the option to create your own custom profile
— SimpleMDM supports an extensive list of native configuration profiles within the
admin interface.

Password blue icon

Passcode Policy

Require secure passcodes to protect devices from unauthorized users. Enforce a specific length, characters, or complexity from the template provided in the admin interface.

WiFi blue icon

Wireless Network

Configure Wi-Fi settings and restrictions. Allow devices to join the selected wireless network automatically, define security requirements, and more.

Certificate blue icon


Deploy custom certificates to devices. Install, renew, or revoke certificates and configure various settings to keep data stored on devices safe and secure.

Reinstall blue icon

Software Update Policy

Ensure macOS and iOS devices are running the latest software versions. Configure settings to automatically download or install updates.

Settings blue icon

Web Content Filter

Manage and control users' internet access by regulating the types of content they can access. Allow or block specific content or certain web URLs.

Email blue icon


Set up Exchange, IMAP, or POP email accounts and customize settings like email provider services and authentication requirements.

Vault blue icon


Enable FileVault on macOS to encrypt user data. Set requirements on the number of login attempts before encryption is forced and whether to store recovery keys.

VPN blue icon


Define virtual private network (VPN) connection settings for device security and privacy. Configure authentication methods, proxy settings, and more.

No blue icon


Manage application and feature access on macOS or iOS devices. Enable or disable camera usage, app installations, Airdrop, Siri, and OS update deferral policies.

Unlock blue icon

Privacy Preferences

Automatically configure and control application access to system services. Enable full disk access for AV solutions, folder access for Slack or Zoom, and more.

Picture blue icon


Customize the background image on the lock screen and home screen. Apply a default wallpaper to devices, and restrict users from making changes.

Puzzle blue icon

System Extensions

Manage and control the installation of system extensions on macOS. Deploy software and settings, such as installation permissions or frequency of updates.


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