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Effective mobile application management (MAM) streamlines operations and enhances security. SimpleMDM offers powerful features to simplify app management for Apple fleets, safeguarding your environment and saving time.

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What is app management?

App management, a subset of mobile device management (MDM), is the process of overseeing and controlling the lifecycle of applications across devices. With SimpleMDM's application management software, you gain centralized control for convenient management, improved security, and reduced expenses.

Recurring tasks associated with mobile app management include the following:

  • Configuration

  • App deployment

  • App updates and patching

  • Version control

  • Mobile security management

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Must-have app management features

The right app management solution makes an admin’s job infinitely easier. SimpleMDM empowers organizations to optimize their app ecosystem, enhance corporate data protection, and deliver a seamless user experience across Apple devices.

Remote app deployment

Distribute mobile apps and desktop apps without ever laying a hand on a user’s device. It’s more convenient and less germy!

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Deployment options

Take advantage of an array of app distribution methods, including the App Store, Apple Apps and Books (formerly VPP), Shared Apps, automatic app installation on managed devices, and custom app uploads. It’s like performing magic (top hat optional).

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Provide an app store with preselected mobile applications employees can pick and choose for themselves. Give them the illusion of complete control without letting them run rampant.

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Cater to your unique business needs by adding and distributing your own in-house custom apps with the tailored functionality your users need to be productive. Bonus: You’ll also rack up infinite cool points in the process.

App configuration

Cater app settings and configurations to meet your organization's requirements across all your Apple devices.

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In apps that support it, preconfigure app account settings and preferences. No need to leave the comfort of your ergonomic office chair!

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Use different configurations for different devices. Specify a variable, and a device-specific value replaces it when the app deploys. Look at you, being all fancy!

Fully hosted Munki integration

To enhance device management functionality beyond the native Apple MDM protocol, SimpleMDM has a fully hosted Munki integration.

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Flex your scripting power by leveraging NoPkg as a general script execution tool. Use it to run scripts automatically and check for changes to the installed state.

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Cater the installation process to the needs of your business and users. With granular control over updates, you can also enhance version control and dependency management.

SimpleMDM vs. leading app management competitors

SimpleMDM’s app management

Leading competitors

Flexible deployment options



Advanced configuration capabilities



Hosted Munki integration



Powerful REST API



Custom app distribution



Installed app inventory reporting



Quick, convenient setup



User-friendly interface



Robust knowledge base 



Fast, friendly customer support



App management FAQs

What are the benefits of app management?

Effective mobile application management streamlines operations and enhances data security. These two main effects can reap a whole host of other potential benefits:

  • Reduced costs

  • Enhanced productivity and performance

  • Increased scalability and flexibility

  • Upgraded monitoring

  • Improved resource allocation

  • Heightened efficiency

How do you incorporate app management?

Implementing app management requires an understanding of your environment and careful planning. These steps may help:

  • Set goals

  • Plan a strategy

  • Choose the right app management tools

  • Define common processes

  • Allocate resources and assign duties

  • Monitor application performance

App management is an ongoing process, so you’ll need to revisit your approach and tools as technology evolves and your business needs change. Taking a proactive approach is critical to maximizing the benefits of your app management program while reducing potential drawbacks.

What are app management best practices?

Following app management best practices helps ensure smooth operation, security, scalability, and maintenance of the applications on your Apple fleet. Here are some key best practices for app management:

  • Design your program for scalability

  • Document policies and procedures

  • Maintain visibility of your application portfolio

  • Update apps regularly

  • Monitor app usage and performance

While these best practices are applicable to most environments, precise needs vary between organizations. Continue to evaluate and adjust your app management program based on what works for your business and users.

How do you choose the right app management software?

To choose the right app management software, you should assess your organization’s priorities, needs, and existing workflows and compare them to the following solution features:

When you find an app management tool that seems like a good fit, schedule a demo to see the product in action and ask relevant questions.