Introducing managed app configurations

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SimpleMDM|September 19, 2016
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Stylized product illustration
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    Kiosk Pro App dashboard for managing configurations

    SimpleMDM now includes support for managed app configurations. This feature allows a SimpleMDM administrator to specify the configuration file provided when an app is pushed to a device. This is useful for apps that support this functionality.

    Examples of apps that support managed app configurations are Box, Concur, and Kiosk Pro. Kiosk Pro, for instance, allows an administrator to specify the homepage, idle time, and whether the status bar is present all from the SimpleMDM web interface. An incomplete list of apps that support managed app configurations is available at

    As configurations often must vary between devices, we’ve included variable support. Instead of specifying a fixed value in the configuration that will be shared with all your devices, you may set a variable that will be replaced with a device-specific value when the app is deployed.

    Some of the currently supported variables are:

    • ICCID

    • IMEI

    • MEID

    • Model

    • Phone number

    • Serial number

    • UDID

    • WiFi MAC address

    To access managed app configurations, visit the “Managed Configuration” tab under App details.

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