Streamlined Apple device management for education

With the increasing demand for online learning in both K–12 and higher education, Apple devices have proven incredibly powerful for teachers and students alike. SimpleMDM offers intuitive and flexible mobile device management to ensure seamless learning experiences.

teacher helping students on laptop
teacher helping students on laptop

Zero-touch deployment with Apple School Manager

Streamline the enrollment process for devices purchased directly from Apple or an authorized reseller using Apple School Manager. Preconfigure devices with the necessary settings and apps, ensuring they are ready for students and teachers the moment they power on.

device enrollment and deployment illustrationdevice enrollment and deployment illustration
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Device configurations for all learning environments

SimpleMDM offers robust features and configuration options to simplify device management. Whether you need to transform iPads into kiosks for specialized uses or manage a lab of iMacs with controlled access to the internet — we’ve got you covered.

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Web Content Filter

Regulate students’ internet access by allowing or blocking specific content or web URLs, ensuring a safe and focused online experience.

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Manage access to applications and features on macOS or iOS devices, including camera usage, Siri, wallpaper modification, app installation, and more.

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Device groups

Organize devices by classroom, grade level, or specialty, and associate them to specific configurations, restrictions, settings, and applications.

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Remote actions

Take the actions you need on enrolled devices — wipe or lock devices, push assigned apps and media, restart, and more.

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Single App Lock

Limit device access to a single application or website, minimizing student distractions and boosting classroom productivity.

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OS updates

Keep both student and teacher devices up to date and running the latest software versions for optimal security and performance.

Education app and media management

Empower students and educators with essential learning resources. Distribute App Store, VPP apps, and media — or deploy custom applications to devices. Utilize Managed Open In settings for document security and control in unauthorized apps.

applications for educationapplications for education
flexible pricingflexible pricing

Flexible pricing for schools of any size

We offer flexible pricing and billing options for enhanced purchase control and flexibility. Educators receive a special discount, plus additional savings through volume pricing, ensuring a more cost-effective solution tailored to their needs.