Execute device actions — from anywhere

SimpleMDM offers a range of powerful MDM commands to help manage your devices and execute tasks on demand. Lock, restart, send messages, and more — device actions grant you complete control over your Apple device fleet.

Device actions hero image
Device actions hero image

Take the actions you need

Remotely execute specific device actions on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices enrolled in SimpleMDM. Whether you have a missing device to wipe or the latest apps to distribute — you can quickly accomplish these tasks from the admin interface or API.

Monitor Lock blue icon

Lock device

Send the lock device command to remote endpoints. For iOS, this activates the lock screen and prompts passcode entry, while macOS enforces a passcode and keeps the device locked until it’s entered.

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Refresh inventory

Refresh inventory by sending a command through SimpleMDM. Device check-ins happen hourly, but for those not responding, this action provides the latest device and app information.

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Restart and shut down

Restart or shut down supervised devices. These commands are useful for maintenance tasks, such as applying updates or troubleshooting performance issues, without requiring end-user intervention.

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Perform a remote wipe to erase all data, configurations, and settings from devices, restoring them to factory default. This powerful command protects sensitive data if a device is lost or stolen.

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Clear passcode

Remove the passcode currently on an iOS device to unlock it. If the user lost their passcode, this action allows you or the end user to quickly regain access without a time-consuming wipe.

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Enable Lost Mode

Secure lost iOS devices with MDM Lost Mode. This command puts devices in a special lock state only unlockable via SimpleMDM. Ping for device location or include a phone number to call if found.

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Push assigned apps

Distribute necessary software with the push of a button. This action installs all uninstalled apps from the associated assignment group to the selected device.

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Send message

Send custom messages to enrolled iOS devices. This command enables instant communication to the end user via push notification.

Run scripts remotely

Utilize scripts to perform more complex device management tasks. Execute scripts on a single device or a group of devices and capture the outputs in logs or store them in custom attributes.

Run scripts remotelyRun scripts remotely
Automate actionsAutomate actions

Automate actions via API

Streamline management tasks by leveraging the SimpleMDM API to programmatically execute bulk device actions, eliminating the need for manual interaction in the admin interface.


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