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Flexible Apple device management for manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry continues to embrace the digital era, Apple devices become an increasingly essential resource spanning the entire supply chain — from assembly lines to distributors. SimpleMDM offers a robust mobile device management solution for seamless manufacturing operations.

Man in factory with an iPad
Man in factory with an iPad

Zero-touch deployment with Apple Business Manager

Our integration with Apple Business Manager simplifies device provisioning and deployment for manufacturing operations spanning multiple locations. Ship devices preconfigured with the necessary apps and settings, ensuring they are ready for immediate use the moment they arrive at a plant.

zero-touch deployment manufacturingzero-touch deployment manufacturing
device configuration manufacturingdevice configuration manufacturing

Device configurations for all manufacturing environments

SimpleMDM offers powerful features and configuration options to simplify device management. Whether you use iPads throughout the warehouse for dashboards and monitoring purposes or need to transform them into specialized kiosks by running a single application — we’ve got you covered.

ipad and pen blue icon

Kiosk mode

Restrict iOS devices to run only one app with the Single App Lock profile, creating kiosks for quality control purposes or an employee time clock.

spot data icon blue

Device groups

Group devices according to production line, warehouse, or location, and link them to specific configurations, restrictions, settings, and applications.

spot monitorwithlock blue icon

Remote actions

Take the actions you need on devices enrolled in SimpleMDM — wipe or lock a device, push assigned apps and media, shut down, and more.

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Return to Service

With Return to Service, devices automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi and complete setup after wiping, eliminating the need for remote or unattended device interaction.

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OS updates

Keep devices up to date by automatically pushing the latest software updates, reducing vulnerability and compatibility risks in your manufacturing environment.

spot lost mode icon

Lost Mode

Quickly secure misplaced or stolen iOS devices with MDM Lost Mode, include a phone number to call if found, and ping the device for its location at any time.

Streamlined device monitoring and inventory

For manufacturers, effectively tracking and monitoring their device fleet is crucial. SimpleMDM provides the admin with centralized access to detailed device information, facilitating deep configuration customization and workflow automation for real-time fleet visibility.

streamlined device monitoring manufacturing streamlined device monitoring manufacturing
business app manufacturingbusiness app manufacturing

Business app and media management

Keep your supply chain operating smoothly by empowering workers with essential resources. SimpleMDM streamlines the management and deployment of critical business applications and media, including App Store, VPP apps, or enterprise apps.