Simplify your macOS deployments with Munki

Setting up your own Munki instance can be complicated. With SimpleMDM's hosted Munki integration, you can enjoy a best-in-class software management solution for macOS without the hassle of hosting and configuration.

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woman working on laptop

What is Munki?

Munki is a set of free, open-source tools used to manage software distribution and installation for macOS. Layered onto the native MDM protocol, Munki gives MacAdmins the flexibility to offer a wider range of software as well as a private, self-serve app store to Mac users.

Meticulously maintained by members of the MacAdmin community, the Munki codebase is considered to be the best software management solution for macOS.

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Shared Apps

Access our Shared Apps directory, a maintained and growing collection of popular macOS software, such as Google Chrome and Slack. Simply add apps to your catalog for easy distribution to enrolled devices.

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Self-serve experience

Enable your macOS users to self-install and uninstall software via the Managed Software Center. Admins can preselect applications, including those not available in the App Store or through the native MDM channel.

Make your Munki deployments simple
(see what we did there?)

SimpleMDM’s Munki integration matches most of the features and customization
options that a self-hosted Munki instance provides — saving MacAdmins time by
simplifying software distribution, automating updates, and empowering end users.

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Script execution

Run pre- and post-install or uninstall scripts to automate tasks associated with install actions.

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Gain control over installation behavior and the end-users experience when installing apps by customizing the PkgInfo files.

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Version pinning

Automatically update Shared Apps when new versions are released by pinning the “latest” within the assignment group.

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Managed apps

Push software to assigned devices automatically without requiring any interaction from the user during installation or updates.

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Extend script execution by combining NoPkg with custom attributes, and automatically check for changes in the installed state to see if they need to run again.

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Package distribution

Seamlessly install unsigned .PKGs and .DMGs. with Munki, eliminating the need for repackaging and signing that is required by Apple MDM.

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Use AutoPkg and Munki to publish software directly to your SimpleMDM account and distribute it to your fleet with only a couple additional command lines.

Resources to help you get started with Munki

Explore in-depth articles about the latest SimpleMDM product updates and features, industry news, customer stories, and more.

Our extensive knowledge base includes support articles to help you troubleshoot problems and use SimpleMDM more effectively.

Join the #simplemdm channel in the Mac Admins Slack community to stay up to date on the latest product updates, connect with peers, ask questions, and more.

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