iOS 9.3 Lost Mode, Per-Device App Deployment, Notes

Last updated May 2, 2022

We added a number of functionalities to SimpleMDM that we’d like to share with you today.

MDM Lost Mode

MDM Lost Mode provides useful facilities if a device is lost or stolen. Lost mode allows you to remotely put a device in a special lock state- one that can only be unlocked via SimpleMDM. You can optionally specify a phone number that the device is allowed to dial, usually yourself, if the phone is found.

Lost Mode also includes the ability to ping a device for its location. The location feature is provided by iOS, meaning that the SimpleMDM app does not need to be installed for this function to work when Lost Mode is enabled. You can request a location update at any time from the SimpleMDM administrator interface.

In the event that a device cannot be recovered, SimpleMDM remote erase can be used to wipe all sensitive information from the device.

Lost Mode is available for all supervised devices running iOS 9.3 or newer. Lost Mode is not dependent upon an Apple ID. For companies enrolled in the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and using device-level app license assignment, this is a big win. Previously, an Apple ID was needed on each device in order to use the Apple iCloud Find My iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch service.

Lost mode can be enabled from the “Actions” drop down on the device details screen.


Per-Device App Deployment

You can now directly add devices to app groups in SimpleMDM. This allows you to assign apps to a device independent of the device group a device belongs to.

The SimpleMDM API has been expanded to support per-device assignment management to app groups. The SimpleMDM ruby bindings have also been updated and are ready for use today.

Device Notes

Due to popular request, we’ve added a notes field to all devices in SimpleMDM. Use this field to track specifics about a device: asset information, maintenance notes, and more.

Access these new functionalities today by signing in to your account. If you would like to try SimpleMDM, learn more about our Apple focused MDM platform.

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Hi Jeffrey- Lost mode can be disabled on the device or from within the SimpleMDM admin interface.

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