iOS 10 MDM Enhancements To Expect

Last updated April 19, 2019

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is happening this week and Apple has been gradually sharing product, platform, and service changes that we can expect to see in the coming months. Here’s what they’ve shared so far regarding mobile device management.

Keep in mind that iOS 9.3, released two months ago, included a tremendous number of MDM enhancements (read: iOS 9.3 MDM enhancements) relative to the typical iOS release. As a natural effect, iOS 10 is light on MDM changes.

CallKit API

CallKit API allows third-party VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps to utilize the native iOS phone call interface, previously reserved for cellular carrier service only. Specifically, third-party VoIP apps can present calls on the lock screen like a normal phone call would be presented, contribute to the recent call list, and include contacts on the favorites list. MDM will be able to specify the default VoIP app used for calls to enterprise-managed contacts and accounts.

CallKit API is a boon for organizations already using a VoIP capable phone system as it allows corporate telephone usage on iOS as a first-class service. Previously, VoIP apps were forced to operate on the same playing field as any notification-enabled mobile app.

Some Deprecation of Restrictions

Apple plans to deprecate some non-supervised restrictions at some point, though not immediately, in the iOS 10 series. The restrictions slated for deprecation are:

  • Disable App installation and removal
  • Disable FaceTime
  • Disable Siri
  • Disable Safari
  • Disable iTunes
  • Prohibit explicit content
  • Disable iCloud documents and data
  • Disable multiplayer gaming
  • Disable adding GameCenter friends

These restrictions will become available only for supervised devices.

Other Miscellaneous Notes

  • Apple has noted small changes to VPN and WiFi payloads. These will likely be in the form of feature expansion or protocol compatibility.
  • macOS (formerly OS X) will support MDM commands for updating the OS remotely, applying additional restrictions, and configuring the firewall.

If you’d like to watch a recording of the presentation at WWDC, a video is available.

We will keep you posted with any further details as they break. In the meantime, learn more about SimpleMDM, our cloud-based MDM designed just for Apple iOS and macOS.

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