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Delivers Apple device

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Manage all Apple devices from one intuitive, powerful web-based interface

SimpleMDM is for businesses wanting to leverage MDM without learning a complicated interface or justifying enterprise-level costs.

SimpleMDM delivers surprisingly powerful functionality and straightforward management of your Apple devices and apps. Upon creating an account, you immediately gain control of Apple iOS devices.

Key Features

Supervised Functionality

Provides iOS supervised functionality such as Web Content Filter, Single App Lock, and Global HTTP proxy configuration

APP & VPP Deployment

Provides free, paid, and enterprise app distribution, volume purchase codes, and with VPP Managed App license support distribute apps to users, and purchase, own, and revoke licenses

Rapid Enrollment

Enroll individual device or group rapidly via Configurator, email, QR code or SMS message, including international SMS

Zero Infrastructure

Manage devices using straightforward web-based interface, eliminating the need additional servers or software downloads

Manage your first 5 devices for free

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