Apple iOS 10.3 brings new MDM features

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SimpleMDM|February 1, 2017
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News Article Background

Update 3/27/17: iOS 10.3 is now publicly available for download.

Apple released iOS 10.3 beta this week and provided the public with a sneak peek of what’s to come. The general feature enhancements of iOS 10.3 are being discussed elsewhere. We’re taking the opportunity to highlight what we know about the MDM-specific enhancements in this release.

We are continually updating this document as the release of 10.3 approaches and we learn more about the MDM feature set.

Added device commands

  • Restart a device

  • Shut down a device

  • Download iOS update only. Previously, iOS updates had to be installed immediately. This will be available for supervised, DEP-enrolled devices only.

Expanded lost mode support

iOS 10.3 adds additional functionality to devices currently in MDM lost mode.

  • Play a sound on the device while in MDM lost mode

  • Determine altitude, speed, and direction of travel

MDM lost mode is available for supervised devices only.

Restrict joining WIFI networks, dictation

iOS 10.3 allows administrators to block devices from unapproved wireless networks. An administrator can force a device to only use the wireless networks that have been preconfigured on the MDM. In doing so, organizations can prevent devices from joining unsecured networks. This improves the security of data-in-motion and controls access to the internet. We anticipate that this will be available for supervised devices only.

iOS 10.3 also includes the ability to restrict dictation controls.

Apple iOS 10.3 brings new MDM features

Left: Default Wi-Fi network display in iOS. Right: Display with Wi-Fi restrictions in place. Image courtesy of

Additional tvOS MDM support

Beginning with iOS 10.3, the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) supports tvOS devices. Apple DEP allows organizations to purchase devices pre-configured for MDM enrollment and supervision.

tvOS in 10.3 supports supervision and a subset of its features. We are currently aware of the following:

  • Conference room display

  • Single app mode

  • Restrict remote app pairing

  • Restrict incoming AirPlay

Apple also notes that tvOS will see “Expanded Mobile Device Management support” in iOS 10.3, though we do not know if this refers to the features noted above or additional functionality.

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