How to set iOS wallpaper images on supervised devices

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SimpleMDM|June 20, 2016
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Product Article 2 Background

SimpleMDM now supports setting the lock screen and home screen wallpaper for supervised iOS devices. This feature is useful for organizations that wish to unify the look across a fleet of devices by setting a company logo or image to display.

Adding a wallpaper

Configuring the wallpaper setting is similar to configuring other shared settings.

  1. Visit the “Configs” section. Using the drop down button, add a “Wallpaper” config.

  2. Wallpaper configurations can set the home screen image, lock screen image, or both. Upload at least one of these images.

  3. Once saved, it’s time to apply the configuration to devices. From the “Devices” section, edit a device group and click the “Configurations” tab.

  4. From the configurations tab, find the “Supervised Devices Only” section. Select the wallpaper you just created and save your changes. The wallpaper is pushed to the supervised devices in the group immediately.

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