How to set iOS wallpaper images on supervised devices

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Andrea Pepper|Updated December 18, 2023
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Product Article 2 Background

Wallpaper configuration refers to the ability to control and place the wallpaper or background image on the home screen or lock screen of an organization's managed Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

Through MDM solutions like SimpleMDM, MacAdmins can remotely customize and set both the home screen and lock screen wallpapers on iOS devices.

SimpleMDM supports setting the lock screen and home screen wallpaper for supervised iOS devices. This feature is helpful for organizations that wish to unify the look across a fleet of devices by setting a company logo or Image to display. In combination with arranging app icons, this feature helps maintain visual standards and branding across an enterprise organization.

Apple's MDM wallpaper configuration doesn't allow an external URL to pull the wallpaper image. The image file needs to be included in the MDM profile when it's being created.

Adding a wallpaper with SMDM 

Configuring the wallpaper setting is similar to configuring other shared settings.

  1. Click Configs.


  2. Click Profiles.


  3. Click Create Profile.


  4. Click Wallpaper.


  5. Name your profile.


  6. Click Choose Image for the home and lock screens, and select your chosen Image.


  7. Click Save.


  8. To deploy the profile, Click Devices.


  9. Click Groups.


  10. Choose your Device Group to deploy to.


  11. Click Profiles.


  12. Click Assign Profile.


  13. Search for the wallpaper configuration you just created.


  14. Click Assign.


SimpleMDM is a mobile device management solution that helps IT teams securely update, monitor, and license Apple devices in minutes while automatically staying on top of Apple updates.

Headshot of Andrea Pepper, SimpleMDM writer and MacAdmin
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