Zero-touch deployment

Rapidly enroll devices using Apple’s automated enrollment.
Onboard and deploy newly purchased devices to users without IT having to physically touch them for a true zero-touch experience.

man with glasses working on laptop
man with glasses working on laptop

Benefits of zero-touch deployment

Apple Business Manager is an essential component for achieving zero-touch. Paired with SimpleMDM, device provisioning and deployment are easy and efficient for IT and end users.

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Streamline device deployment

Link devices purchased from Apple or authorized resellers to your Apple Business Manager account to automatically deploy iPhones, iPads, and Macs to users.

Automate device enrollment

Connect your Apple Business Manager account to SimpleMDM for touch-free enrollment — no more manual configurations and handling each device.

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Simplify initial setup

Apply enrollment settings — assign devices to personalized groups and configurations, skip Setup Assistant panes, and require a minimum OS version.

Customize user onboarding

Create a personalized onboarding experience by presenting users with a branded welcome screen or form fields that collect and store input as custom attributes.

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Distribute apps & books

Connect your VPP account for seamless app management and deployment. Silently install and update apps without requiring any interaction from the user.

Maximize security

Automate setup with LDAP or SAML authentication by requiring users to authenticate through an identity provider before completing the enrollment process.

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