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iOS & iPadOS management

Streamline your mobile device management with SimpleMDM. Whether you’re provisioning iPhones and iPads, ensuring the correct device settings and configurations are applied, or deploying them to end users — we make managing iOS devices simple at every stage of the lifecycle.

ios and ipados manangement made simple
ios and ipados manangement made simple
ipad and iphone device mockupipad and iphone device mockup

SimpleMDM for iOS & iPadOS management

SimpleMDM is a flexible and easy-to-use mobile device management solution for iOS and iPadOS devices. With robust features, expert support, and a minimal learning curve, Apple device management has never been easier. Choose from flexible enrollment options, set up advanced configurations, streamline app deployments, and execute device actions. SimpleMDM provides the power and flexibility you need to maintain your iOS and iPadOS fleet.

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Vital iOS & iPadOS management features in SimpleMDM

SimpleMDM offers powerful features and configuration options that allow you to manage iOS & iPadOS devices with ease.

Easy onboarding

Set up devices quickly and effortlessly so that you can get them in the hands of users as soon as possible.

effortless setup and onboardingeffortless setup and onboarding

Zero-touch device enrollment

Utilize Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment (formerly Apple DEP) for a touch-free setup that gets iOS and iPadOS devices into users’ hands quickly.

Flexible mobile device enrollment options

Enroll via Automated Device Enrollment, User Enrollment, enrollment by link, Apple Configurator, or account-driven enrollment.

Customize onboarding 

Automate the Setup Assistant experience, display a custom welcome screen, or create a form to collect and store user input as custom attributes.

Boundless configuration options

Empower end users to get up and running quickly by preconfiguring their iOS and iPadOS devices.

endless configuration optionsendless configuration options

Ready-to-use profiles

Select premade configuration profiles from the admin interface to easily apply settings and policies to an individual iOS device or device group.

Custom configurations

Upload your own custom configuration profiles to set policies and settings specific to your organization's needs, and take advantage of custom attribute support.

Single App Mode

Enable Single App Mode on supervised iPhones or iPads to lock the device into kiosk mode, allowing only one application to run.

Remote actions for iOS & iPadOS

Carry out MDM commands across your iOS fleet directly from the admin interface or programmatically via the API.

remote actions for ios and ipadosremote actions for ios and ipados

Lost Mode

Enable Lost Mode to locate missing devices, display a phone number to call if found, and ping the iOS device for its location.

Activation Lock

Manage Activation Lock to prevent unauthorized users from accessing devices.


Run scripts to automate device maintenance, perform more complex tasks, and store the outputs in custom attributes.

App management

Deploy and manage apps quickly and easily. Give users the tools they need to be productive, and keep those resources up-to-date to enhance your security posture.

managing apps and mediamanaging apps and media

Deployment options

Distribute App Store, Apple Apps and Books (formerly Apple VPP), and custom iOS apps for business to managed devices.

Managed Apps

Adjust app settings and oversee applications managed in SimpleMDM, including updating apps and specifying whether data is removed when the iOS device unenrolls from the MDM.

Managed Apple ID

Leverage User Enrollment and Managed Apple IDs for seamless BYOD setups, separating personal and corporate data on an employee-owned mobile device.

Simplify your iOS & iPadOS management

iOS & iPadOS management FAQs

What’s the difference between iOS management and iPadOS management?

Both iOS and iPadOS are the same operating system, so their management principles are nearly identical. Endpoint management typically relies on Apple Business Manager (ABM) or Apple School Manager (ASM) in conjunction with an MDM solution. Therefore, an Apple MDM solution works for both iOS MDM and iPadOS MDM.

Why should I use an MDM solution for iPadOS and iOS device management in a BYOD environment?

The right MDM software greatly simplifies mobile device management in a BYOD environment, allowing you to standardize security, enforce policies, and distribute apps and media without infringing on user autonomy.

Think of it like herding sheep. A mobile device manager is like a skilled shepherd, rounding up the devices for efficient oversight. Manual BYOD management is the equivalent of politely asking each sheep to fall in line. It might work with a small herd but not a large fleet.

What features should I look for in an MDM solution to manage iOS and iPadOS devices?

When searching for an Apple device management solution for iPhones and iPads, look at the tool’s ... 

  • Ease of use 

  • Enrollment options 

  • BYOD support 

  • Security features 

  • App management 

  • Policy management  

  • Remote configuration capabilities 

  • Integration with your existing systems 

  • Scalability 

Then, take into account the highest priorities for your environment, and make your choice accordingly.

What level of control do I need over iOS and iPadOS devices?

The necessary level of control depends on your environment, organizational needs, and compliance requirements.

Corporate devices typically provide a greater degree of control because you can use supervised mode. With supervised devices, an administrator can leverage extra restrictions, device configurations, and features. BYOD iPhones and iPads allow limited oversight focused on corporate resources on the device.