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macOS management made simple

Streamline your macOS device management with SimpleMDM. From provisioning Macs to ensure the correct settings and configurations are applied to deploying them to end users — we make managing macOS devices simple at every stage of the lifecycle.

man smiling on laptop
man smiling on laptop
iMac displaying what remote actions can be taken on a remote MacBook Pro from SimpleMDMiMac displaying what remote actions can be taken on a remote MacBook Pro from SimpleMDM

SimpleMDM for macOS management

SimpleMDM is an effective and easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) solution. With features to help personalize the onboarding experience, configure devices based on your unique needs, execute remote actions, manage apps & media, and secure macOS devices, SimpleMDM provides the power and flexibility you need to maintain your Mac fleet.

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Vital macOS management features you’ll find in SimpleMDM

SimpleMDM offers robust features and configuration options that allow you to manage your macOS devices with ease.

Effortless setup and onboarding

Enroll devices quickly and easily while providing a seamless experience for end users.

List of enrolled Apple products on the screen of a MacBookList of enrolled Apple products on the screen of a MacBook

Zero-touch device enrollment

Leverage Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment for a zero-touch experience that makes getting macOS devices to end users quick and straightforward.

Customized options

Personalize user onboarding by automating the Setup Assistant experience, displaying a custom welcome screen, collecting and storing user input as attributes, and more.

Convenient authentication

Enforce LDAP or SAML authentication to automate the setup process using credentials from your identity provider.

Endless configuration options

Empower your end users to get up and running immediately by preconfiguring their macOS devices.

iMac displaying some configuration options for SimpleMDMiMac displaying some configuration options for SimpleMDM

Prebuilt configuration profiles

Leverage ready-to-use configuration profiles to apply specific settings and policies to individual macOS devices or targeted device groups.

Custom configuration profiles

Create your own custom profiles to fine-tune device settings, enforce restrictions, and set up preferences while leveraging custom attribute support to inject variables at the group or device level.

Essential security

Maximize security with configurations and settings that leverage macOS’ built-in security features, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring peace of mind.

Efficient app & media management

Set employees up for success with the right software and tools. With SimpleMDM, you can easily manage and deploy applications to your macOS devices.

MacBook screen showing the Managed Software Center on SimpleMDMMacBook screen showing the Managed Software Center on SimpleMDM

Hosted Munki integration

Support a wide range of software and provide a self-serve app store via SimpleMDM’s hosted Munki integration.

Shared Apps directory

Take advantage of our Shared Apps directory, a growing collection of popular Mac computer software ready for quick distribution.

Flexible distribution

Distribute App Store apps, VPP apps, custom .PKGs and .DMGs, PkgInfo files, NoPkgs, and Shared Apps.

Simplify your macOS management

macOS management FAQs

What is Mac management?

Mac device management involves overseeing macOS devices within organizations, including device enrollment, user enrollment, configuration management, patch management, and more.  Apple device management leans heavily on Apple-specific tools that work in conjunction with your macOS mobile device management solution. These tools include the following:

  • Apple Business Manager

  • Apple School Manager

  • Apple Configurator

  • Managed Apple ID

How can I remotely manage macOS devices?

You can remotely manage a macOS fleet by using an appropriate MDM solution.

Most Apple MDM solutions support remote management of macOS devices. These platforms allow administrators to remotely configure device settings, enforce security policies, and deploy software updates across enrolled devices.

Meanwhile, Apple Remote Desktop enables administrators to access and control macOS devices remotely for easy troubleshooting without physical access to the device.

How can I automate macOS software updates?

High-quality macOS MDM solutions, such as SimpleMDM, allow you to automatically install macOS updates or defer a software update until you have time to test it.