iOS & iPadOS management made simple

Streamline your iOS device management with SimpleMDM. Whether you’re provisioning iPhones and iPads, ensuring the correct settings and configurations are applied, or deploying them to end users — we make managing iOS devices simple at every stage of the lifecycle.

ios and ipados manangement made simple
ios and ipados manangement made simple

Effortless setup and onboarding

Utilize Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment for a touch-free experience that makes getting iOS devices into the hands of end users quick and easy. With features and customizations for the onboarding experience, SimpleMDM simplifies enrolling iOS devices.

  • Customize and automate the Setup Assistant experience

  • Implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies while keeping personal and company data separate with Managed Apple IDs

  • Display a custom welcome screen with a message and brand logo

  • Create a form to collect and store user input as custom attributes

  • Automatically assign devices to personalized groups and apply configurations

  • Enforce LDAP or SAML authentication to automate the setup process using credentials from your identity provider

effortless setup and onboardingeffortless setup and onboarding
endless configuration optionsendless configuration options

Endless configuration options

Enable end users to get up and running quickly by preconfiguring their iOS and iPadOS devices. Leverage prebuilt templates or create your own to automate account setup, enforce restrictions, and apply the necessary settings to devices in advance.

  • Set up and deploy accounts like email, calendar, and contacts

  • Configure Wi-Fi settings and network restrictions

  • Define and enforce device settings, like passcode, VPN, and more

  • Automate updates and mitigate vulnerabilities with the Software Update Policy for iOS

  • Create a kiosk device by only running one app with Single App Mode

Remote actions for iOS & iPadOS

Carry out MDM commands across your iOS fleet directly from the admin interface or programmatically via the API. From locking a stolen device to refreshing cellular plans — SimpleMDM provides a variety of actions to help manage your devices.

  • Refresh inventory to receive updated device information

  • Push assigned apps to distribute the necessary software to devices

  • Manage Activation Lock to prevent unauthorized users from accessing devices

  • Enable Lost Mode to locate missing devices, include a phone number to call if found, and ping the device for its location at any time

  • Run scripts to automate maintenance, accomplish more complex tasks, and store outputs in custom attributes

  • Clear passcode, lock, wipe, restart, and more!

remote actions for ios and ipadosremote actions for ios and ipados
managing apps and mediamanaging apps and media

Managing apps & media

Set up end users for success with the right software and tools. With SimpleMDM, you can easily manage and deploy applications to your iOS devices in minutes.

  • Distribute App Store, VPP apps, and media to devices 

  • Deploy custom or enterprise applications

  • Automatically deploy and install applications at scale

  • Preconfigure account settings or preferences for apps with Managed App Configurations

Securing iOS devices

Securing iOS devices requires careful management and configuration. With SimpleMDM, you can maximize security with countless configurations and settings, safeguarding sensitive data and providing peace of mind.

  • Require strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access

  • Execute MDM commands like lock, restart, and shut down

  • Allow or block specific content or web URLs with the Web Content Filter

  • Define virtual private network (VPN) and wireless network settings for device security and endpoint compliance

  • Deploy custom certificates and configure privacy settings for enhanced data security

  • Manage Open In settings to restrict documents from being accessed in unauthorized apps

securing ios devicessecuring ios devices

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