macOS management made simple

Streamline your macOS device management with SimpleMDM. From provisioning Macs to ensure the correct settings and configurations are applied to deploying them to end users — we make managing macOS devices simple at every stage of the lifecycle.

iMac and MacBook with SimpleMDM on the screen
iMac and MacBook with SimpleMDM on the screen

Effortless setup and onboarding

Leverage Apple’s automated enrollment for a zero-touch experience that makes getting macOS devices to end users quick and straightforward. With features to help personalize the onboarding experience, SimpleMDM simplifies enrolling macOS devices.

  • Customize and automate the Setup Assistant experience

  • Display a custom welcome screen with a message and brand logo

  • Create a form to collect and store user input as custom attributes

  • Manage macOS account setup with Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)

  • Enforce LDAP or SAML authentication to automate the setup process using credentials from your identity provider

List of enrolled Apple products on the screen of a MacBookList of enrolled Apple products on the screen of a MacBook
iMac displaying some configuration options for SimpleMDMiMac displaying some configuration options for SimpleMDM

Endless configuration options

Empower your end users to get up and running immediately by preconfiguring their macOS devices. Leverage ready-to-use templates or create your own to automate account setup, enforce restrictions, and apply the necessary settings to devices in advance.

  • Set up accounts like email, calendar, and contacts

  • Configure Wi-Fi settings and restrictions

  • Define and enforce device settings, like passcode, VPN, and more

  • Keep endpoints compliant by automating updates with the Software Update Policy for macOS 

  • Manage and control the installation of system extensions

  • Control application access to system services with Privacy Preferences

Remote actions for macOS

Execute MDM commands directly from the admin interface or programmatically via the API across your macOS fleet. Whether you need to lock a stolen device or rotate recovery lock passwords — SimpleMDM offers a range of actions to help manage your devices.

  • Refresh inventory to receive updated device information

  • Push assigned apps to distribute the necessary software to devices

  • Enable or disable features like remote desktop or Bluetooth

  • Generate, rotate, and automatically deploy unique recovery lock passwords, FileVault keys, firmware, and auto admin passwords

  • Run scripts to automate maintenance, accomplish more complex tasks, and store outputs in custom attributes

  • Lock, wipe, restart, shut down, and more!

iMac displaying what remote actions can be taken on a remote MacBook Pro from SimpleMDMiMac displaying what remote actions can be taken on a remote MacBook Pro from SimpleMDM
MacBook screen showing the Managed Software Center on SimpleMDMMacBook screen showing the Managed Software Center on SimpleMDM

Managing apps & media

Set employees up for success with the right software and tools. With SimpleMDM, you can easily manage and deploy applications to your macOS devices, plus enjoy additional features and customization options with our hosted Munki integration.

  • Distribute App Store, VPP, custom .PKGs and .DMGs, and Shared Apps

  • Access our Shared Apps directory, a growing collection of popular macOS software

  • Enable end users to self-install apps via the Managed Software Center

  • Say goodbye to deployment headaches — SimpleMDM validates macOS distribution package signing and construction

Securing macOS devices

Securing devices requires careful management and configuration. With SimpleMDM, you can maximize security with configurations and settings that leverage macOS’ built-in security features, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring peace of mind.

  • Require strong passwords to prevent unauthorized access

  • Set up FileVault encryption and store recovery lock keys

  • Verify apps are signed, notarized, and unaltered with Gatekeeper

  • Allow or block incoming connections with Firewall

  • Deploy custom certificates and configure settings for enhanced data security

  • Manage macOS local user accounts; unlock, delete, or reset the admin password

securing macos devicessecuring macos devices

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